Venus Bundle

Venus Bundle

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A powerful duo, the Venus bundle comprises of our extra-large Athena candle and our best-selling Aphrodite in the shade classic shade, pearl. 

Colour: Pearl

  • Hand-poured in Kildare.

  • Made from 100% Irish rapeseed wax and an organic cotton wick. 

  • Vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Consciously crafted.

  • Dimensions:

Aphrodite :H 9.5 X L5 X W4.5 cm 

Athena : H 14.5 X L6.5 X W4.5 cm 

Please note: As all of our products are hand-poured, you may notice slight imperfections as a result of the creation process. This means that your candle is completely unique to you.

As each of our candles is made from a natural wax, some frosting may occur. Visit our FAQ to learn more about frosting. 

Due to the decorative nature of each of our products, we advise our customers to keep their Circe Studios pieces unlit and treasured for their natural beauty. However if you do decide to light your candle, please be advised that they will not keep their natural shape while burning, and that they should always be placed on a heat proof dish.